My printmaking practice varies in medium, but I am primarily a lithographer and screenprinter. I am currently also trying to hone my intaglio skills!

Ikebukuro, 199X
Stone Lithograph, 18"x14", (2021)

A love letter to the twisting highways of the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo. This piece is inspired by the time I've spent crawling through a post-apocalyptic Tokyo in the Shin Megami Tensei series of video games.

Datamosh I
Screenprint, 22"x30", (2022)

The first of many experiments in digital and analog manipulation. The image was first taken from a photograph taken of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne on a Cathode Ray Tube display with a DSLR. Then, it was transferred to my computer, and datamoshed by opening the file in a hex-code editor and entering in junk data mixed in with the original photograph's. The shadowy figure in the top right corner of the piece was an error in screen exposure, but I grew fond of it and let him take permanent residence there as a part of the piece.

Datamosh II: The Matador
CMYK Screenprint, 16"x19", (2023)

The next in experimenting with datamoshing and printing. This time around, I found great joy in taking more time to delicately corrupt the piece, as I had found out in my first attempt that certain actions totally corrupt the piece as a flat color. In this piece, I focused on the fine abstract textures that could be achieved through data corruption.

The original image is a photo taken during my stay in Redmond, WA, with a few friends for the summer. My roommate at the time and a few of our friends were meeting at a bar called The Matador. Outside is a geometric sculpture made from the old train tracks that used to be there. My roommate decided it'd be fun to try and climb it.

As I deal with memory loss issues in my life, I find myself enjoying the datamoshing process as a way of filtering information and memories in a way that aligns with how I feel about my accumulated experiences.

CMYK Screenprint, 11"x15", (2022)

Trauma as seen through a CRT. This print is a photo taken with an iPhone camera of a CRT computer monitor playing the Satoshi Kon film, Perfect Blue. This scene in particular stuck out to me as a survivor of sexual assault, and the way it affects survivor's self-image. The warping of the image due to being photographed and put through different mediums such as physical, digital, and then analog printing, reflects the warping of the protagonist Mima's psyche. And just as her suffering is put on display for others in the plot, her insecurities are now on display on a CRT monitor.

Copperplate Etching, 11"x15", (2022)

A print implementing many tonal processes in etching. I used traditional aquatint and spit-bite etching to get my values for this piece, and line etching and a bit of drypoint in areas I wanted to emphasize. The image itself is a reflection of my feelings about my own sexuality and perception at the time.

Dream of Fireworks (Trial Proof H)
Color Lithograph, 11"x15", (2022)

A first dive into both photographic lithography, and multiple colored layers on a lithograph. I took inspiration from the sakanaction track Kagerou, and the walks I would take along the river to ease my anxiety at night. I fell in love with the shape of the lampposts in Providence, and adored the guitar solo in the latter half of the song. This is my favorite trial proof of 9 prints, each with a slightly different color combination of 3 different inks for each layer. There are 9 total proofs each with subtle differences in color.

Barf Bag
Stone Lithograph, 10"x11", (2023)

An expression of one of my personal favorite metaphors for communicating my feelings - vomit. Sometimes, love is making lunch for a close friend. Sometimes, it's just a barf bag with a kind note.

Copper Drypoint print, 8"x8", (2023)

My first step back into intaglio prints after a break from etching. I wanted to explore texture and my own heavy-handedness with an etching needle to get my bearings in how things printed. I enjoy a deep drypoint burr and variations in line quality, along with various linear textures. As I progressed through the piece, I decided to make it my good luck charm for my future intaglio ventures.

CMYK Screenprint, 10"x15", (2022)

If only the Seinfeld cast had actual problems, right? As I was watching through the series mindlessly, this interaction stood out to me. Out of context, it reads very depressingly, but in context, it was about the inanely mundane happenings of Jerry's life. I thought it would be an ironic re-framing of the interaction to distort it both visually and verbally, titling it "PTSD Club," in reference to Jerry and Elaine's bonding over upsetting events.

With Love, From Chehalis
Reduction Woodcut, 9"x12", (2023)

After many visits to Chehalis, WA, with my roommate and their family, I had enjoyed many a bonfire with them. Despite most of my time in Chehalis being a dissociative, inebriated slurry, I still had good moments of lucidity. This print is from a photo I took of my roommate in front of a bonfire they had made. My phone captured the values so well and the moment just stuck with me, so after I returned home to Philadelphia and found a print studio to work in, I made this print in memoriam of my time there. This piece was also in the Second State Press FOB Holder Exhibition in Spring 2023.

Excerpt from VALIS
Screenprint on found paper, (2023)

A print dedicated to the schizotypal futures written by Philip K. Dick. As someone who struggles with mental health issues, especially paranoid delusions, Philip K. Dick's stories resonate with me. I have found great respite in reading his novel, VALIS, from the latter part of his life and career. This print is incomprehensible to anyone who does not know the typeface Wingdings by heart, and those are few and far between. The quote reads, "Mental illness is not funny." This was the last sentence of chapter 3, followed by chapter 4 beginning with the protagonist's failed suicide attempt. Throughout the novel, the protagonist references his "theophany," a revelation made to him after seeing a bright pink light from god, unable to be replicated. His delusional religious beliefs and drug use alienate him from his peers, and place a communication barrier between him and the rest of the world.